All Hungarians’ Dance

22nd April, 2017
10.30 am

Papp László Budapest Sportarena
An event jointly organized with the 36th National Dance House Festival and Fair.

Ticket prices: 1890 Ft

children tickets (under 14): 890 HUF. For tickets and for more information visit the website of the programme:

Papp László Budapest Sportarena

Stefánia út 2.
+36 1 422 2600

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All Hungarians’ Dance

All Hungarians’ Dance

Hungarian dance traditions, dance instructions and presentations

One of the most important folklore festivals in Hungary, the National Dance House Festival and Fair is an annual review of folk music, dance and material folk art, featuring amateur and professional performers, children’s and adults’ folk dance ensembles, music school students and traditionalist folk artists, who represent Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin and Moldavia, as well as the ethnic minorities of Hungary.
The Dance House Festival celebrates the unique dance house method, an intangible heritage acknowledged by UNESCO. Its history proves that this type of event is a living representation of the exciting mutual influences between traditional folk art and stage performing art, the city and the village, archaic forms and modernity, involving the active participation of the general public.
A highlight of this year’s festival is the All Hungarians’ Dance, which features some 100 performers from around the world.

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